Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Yea . . . Ridiculous

Yup, that's right.  It is absolutely ridiculous that I have not posted a single thing on this blog since April.  Well, that's about to change because . . . here is a new blog post!

Things have been pretty crazy for us these last few months.  The biggest craziness coming with our move to Port Orchard, WA.  It was a good move with lots of blessings, just lots of work.  But we are happy and slowly, but steadily settling into our new home. The whole story of how that came together will have to wait for another blog post, where I will also share pics of our new abode.

Side note: Why does it take so long to unpack boxes and reorganize?

Since it has been a long day, I'm tired and hot and still have lots to do . . . I am leaving you with a few recent (May - July)  pics of our girls.  See you soon!! (No, really, I promise.  Like, in a few days.  Yes, really!)

Sweet little face!

A precious note from Maya

Sydney's first time on a swing - It was a hit!

Maya decided to play dress-up with Syd and put her Rapunzel wig on her.
We all had a pretty good laugh!

Mommy cut her some bangs.
 I just felt that she needed to look a bit younger.

Not really a clear picture, but just so cute!

Maya and Bigfoot

Learning to crawl
(however, now she is crawling, standing and  slowly scooting along furniture!)

Ok - not mine, but my niece is just so cute I had to throw her into the mix.
She was trying to put on her swimsuit.

Maya and her cousins
(before they moved to Cuba :( )

And this is how you know your child has snuck your phone to play with it. 

Yea, that was a rough day.

This one was better.

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  1. You're way ahead of me! I think my last post was January. It's a delight, though, to see you posting again. These kids are fabulously cute!!!