Saturday, September 22, 2012

Maya Says . . .

It's been awhile since we posted one of these.  Some of these Maya Says...  quotes go a few months back.

We were in the car and a commercial for a pizzeria came on the radio.  Maya says:  "Pizzeria? I know what that is.  It's when you eat pizza and get diarrhea."

Driving across the narrows, Mt. Rainier is in full view.  Maya says:  "Hey look, it's Elk Mountain." What? "Oh, I mean Mount Reindeer."

Maya was getting in trouble one day for talking back (happens quite often) and was told that she had better watch her mouth.  Maya says:  "I can't even see my mouth, how am I supposed to watch it?"

Driving past Factoria, WA and the giant buildings where T-Mobile is based.  Maya says: "Hey look, that's where the T-Mobile girl lives."

We were driving home from my parents the other night and passed the Puyallup Fair just as their Friday night fireworks show started.  Maya asked what they have at the fair.  Among the list of items we spatted off, we mentioned the Rodeo.  She asked what a Rodeo is and we did our best to explain it to her.  David asked her if she thought she would like the rodeo.  Maya says: "Well, I do love riding ponies, so I supposed I would like it. (pause)  Why do they call them cowboys and cowgirls?  Why not call them horsegirls and horseboys since that's what they ride?  They don't ride cows!" At this point, David tried to explain to her where the term came from.  She paused a moment when he was done explaining and said, "We can talk about this again sometime when I am older."  Guess it was a bit too difficult for her to comprehend.

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