Friday, April 20, 2012

At The Beach

Recently, my parents got a steal of a deal on a little house in Ocean Shores.  The home is a quaint little beach house on the Canals in Ocean Shores, WA.  Being on the canals is a pretty cool thing.  We can fish right off the dock in the backyard and watch all the crazy wildlife (birds, deer, ducks, beavers, otters, raccoons, etc.).  So far, we have taken two trips out there for the weekend.  This last time we brought along my sis-in-law Jody and her husband David.  It was so much fun.  Plus, Maya got to play on the beach this time since the weather cooperated.  Here are a few pics of our fun filled weekend.

**Just a little note: the pics were all taken with my iPhone since I forgot my camera.  So please excuse the not so great quality.**

Sydney on the beach

Maya and Auntie Jody

Syd and Me hanging out (it was really cold!!!)

Maya was so excited to finally get to play in the sand for awhile.

Football on the beach

Maya and Uncle Dave

Me - bored as I sat in the car with a little one taking her nap on me

Syd - napping

David's catch of the day.  Maya thought he was just "so cute!  . . . and look, he's dancing!"

Sharky's.  The shark store in Ocean Shores that sells everything Shark and then some.  Maya just had to visit the store.

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