Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Maya's First Day of School

Well, that day has finally arrived. The first day of preschool. We all knew this day was coming, but I can't believe it came so soon. Maya was so excited for her first day of school. She dressed in one of her favorite dresses and packed her backpack with her favorite teddy, ready to head to school. When we got there, she was a bit leery at first, but then jumped right in. David and I were one of just a few parents that didn't stay with their child that day. However, I feel that this was the best decision for our little girl.
After we left, I felt a feeling of loss. It was so weird to leave my little girl behind and head home for 2 hours. I didn't know what to do with myself. There was no little Maya following me around asking me a million questions, needing to eat, making messes as she goes. I missed it all! I also found myself crying intermittently the whole two hours. Just missed her more than I thought I would :).

Since then, she has been to class several times and has loved each time. At the end of each preschool day she is so excited to tell us about what she did and the new friends she has made. As many of you know, she is quite the social butterfly, and we knew that preschool would be the perfect outlet for that.

So, here is to Maya's first year of preschool!

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