Saturday, March 10, 2012

Maya Says . . .

Our oldest daughter, Maya, began talking at a very young age. I think her first words began flying out of her mouth around 7 months of age. By the time she turned one she was speaking in sentences and giving us a run for our money. Her vocabulary has always astonished me and the questions, ideas, and statements that come out of the girl's mouth never cease to amaze me and, at times, send me to the floor rolling with laughter. Because of this, I have decided to create a page on this blog called Maya Says . . .
The plan is to update this portion of my blog on a weekly, if not daily basis. I hope you enjoy the things that Maya says as much as we have and do.

Here are a few things that Maya has said in the past and more recent that have had us laughing:

"When I grow up and have a boyfriend, I am going to name him Nick."

"Super heroes wear big underwear!" (because they have to wear their underwear on the outside of their clothes)

This one needs a bit of an intro. Maya volunteered to pray over our dinner the other night. Here is a portion of that prayer:
". . . and thank you God for our salad dinner, except for the chicken, because I don't like that part. But thank you so much for the bacon in the salad. I just love it so much. Bacon is my favorite . . ."

David was talking the other day about needing to travel to Bellingham for work (it is in northern Washington near the Canadian border). Maya's response was hilarious:
"Bellingham?!? Jesus was born in Bellingham!"

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  1. She is such a nut! You should try to do a back-log of the more hilarious things she has said in the past. I'm sure those of us who know her would be happy to help!

    My favs:

    "C*ck-P*rn!" (reversing the first letters of popcorn)

    "Maya, who do we pray to?" "Michael Jordan!"

    "If you're going to keep using words I don't know, this conversation's over." (after having the word 'stubborn' explained to her)